In situ single-cell 'omics promises the exciting ability to directly image and quantify the genome, transcriptome, and proteome within single cells within intact tissues!

We develop the novel microscopy techniques, fluid-handling methodologies, and computational tools that will drive continued innovations in in situ single-cell 'omics.

We apply these exciting new approaches to unravel long-standing and fundamental biological questions in a wide range of systems, most notably the microbiome-host interface in mammals.

The Team

We are a dynamic and collaborative group of biologists, chemists, computational scientists, physicists, and engineers with a collective interest in developing novel image-based 'omics approaches and using these methodologies to tackle fundamental biological questions.


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Join Us

We are actively recruiting team members with all levels of experience!

Join us in our efforts to develop the tools necessary to create molecularly defined maps of complex tissues and to use these maps to tackle some exciting biological questions!